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Getting Around Panama City

Few Latin American cities compare with the cosmopolitan, polyglot, and postmodern Panama City and with a third of the population of the country living between here and Colón, it’s a busy metropolitan melting pot. There is always much to see and much to do here. Fortunately, getting around is not a problem.

Panama city is not only a fascinating place to visit, but it’s also easy to get into the city and to travel around it.

Since there are numerous carriers from all over the world who fly into Tocumen International Airport, it’s easy to get a direct flight straight into Panama City. Since there are so many choices of carriers, you can shop around for the best prices and services. Once you arrive, a taxi can whisk you to wherever you want to go.

If you elect to hire a car, then you should be aware of the driving conditions. Central America is notorious for erratic drivers. Panamanians appear to disregard brakes, turn signals, or other common rules of the road. Even as a pedestrian, you have to be vigilant.

It’s not only easy to get a taxi from Tocumen International Airport, but it’s just as simple to get one from anywhere in Panama City. One caveat, however, is that you should negotiate the price of your destination before you leave as the taxi meters are often disregarded. The good news is that the average price for most places in the city will only run you about five dollars.

If you’re not in favor of driving around in a taxi, the buses provide a cheap alternative. The buses in Panama City run on a regular schedule through all parts and can be relied on for reliable transportation. There are also numerous buses and the frequency between buses make wait times minimal. The main thing to do if you’re planning on a long stay and using buses frequently is to get a schedule of the bus routes and times.

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