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Shopping in Panama City Airport

There are few things so boring as sitting in the airport and waiting for an airplane. Panama City's main airport, offers respite from the airport doldrums in the form of shopping. From convenience stores to fancy boutiques, the offerings at the Tocumen Panama International Airport in Panama City should be enough to satisfy any traveling customer.

Most shops at the Tocumen Panama International Airport are located in the Departures section, although there are also several stores near Arrivals. Thanks to the Panama Canal, all the shops located in Departures and Arrivals are duty-free stores. As such, shoppers are easily able to find great bargain deals while exploring the various merchandisers. Products sold in the duty free sections of the Tocumen International Airport include electronics, jewelry, clothing, shoes, purses, books, toys, games, outdoor goods and several other types of merchandise.

It is important to be aware of customs allowances while shopping at Tocumen's duty free stores. These include an alcohol allowance of three bottles per person and a tobacco allowance of 500 cigarettes, 500 grams of tobacco and 50 grams of cigars.

When taking domestic flights in Panama or to nearby countries such as Costa Rica, you will most likely end up using the Albrook Airport instead of the Tocumen Airport. Although there are not nearly as many stores in the Albrook Airport as there are in the Tocumen International Airport, there is a shopping mall located right next to Albrook. The Albrook Shopping Mall has a variety of popular stores, including Calvin Klein, Izod, Lacoste, Nautica, Oscar De La Renta, Puma, K Swiss, Speedo, Adidas, Sport Line America, Game Masters and the Mac Store.

Between the Tocumen International Airport and the Albrook Airport, Panama City is home to some wonderful shopping opportunities. Whether you prefer duty free bargain shopping at Tocumen's many shops or name brand products from the Albrook Mall, you will certainly enjoy your shopping experience in Panama City!

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