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Attractions in Panama City

Panama City, Panama was founded five hundred years ago, and this history is reflected in the ancient architecture that endures in some quarters of the city. But Panama City is cutting-edge modern as well, giving visitors a chance to experience both the old and the new in one trip.

The Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is the number one reason to visit Panama City. Using the city as a starting point, it is possible to overlook the canal, walk along its edges, and even take a cruise through it for the ultimate experience. Consider a trip to the Miraflores Locks, which has an informative visitor's center that provides an often astonishing look at the construction of this engineering marvel.

Casco Viejo
This is one of the oldest quarters in Panama City and the gorgeous, European inspired architecture that is found here is reason enough to visit. If more incentive is needed, however, this quaint district offers a distinctive selection of restaurants unparalleled anywhere in the city. Spend a memorable evening here beginning with a gourmet dinner before moving on for a stroll along brick streets and soak in the quiet majesty of a silent, ancient cathedral before moving on to a lively bar for a nightcap.

The Rain Forests
The rich diversity of plant and animal life in the rain forests that lie within an easy drive of Panama City always leaves visitors astounded. Hire a professional guide to lead the way on a trek through a lush jungle environment, or plot a more independent course. Either way, visitors will feel like explorers in an untouched wilderness, yet still be able to make it back to their hotel in time for a gourmet feast before bed.

Between engineering marvels, old world European architecture, and the stunning expansiveness of forest life that resides just outside the urban jungle, Panama City has plenty to offer every visitor with attractions that range from the tame to the extreme.

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